When potential customers search for something related to your brand on Google or other search engines, is your brand the first thing they see?

As people are highly dependent on search engines to find information, it is important for your brand to be on the forefront by having an optimized search engine presence. In recent years, SEO (search engine optimisation) has become more than just utilising keywords and link-building. With the rise of social media, mobile, and content marketing, your brand will need to focus on various areas to increase your search engine performance.

At OpenMinds™, we take a holistic approach towards increasing your brand’s visibility online. Apart from keeping your brand up-to-date with the latest SEO updates, our team will assess your brand’s online presence from additional standpoints (social media, mobile, etc) and tailor an integrated strategy to help you achieve your business objectives.

Here is an overview of what we can offer your brand.

SEO & Website Optimisation

If you already have an existing website with existing content, our SEO and website optimization services will provide you with a boost to your search engine ranking and organic traffic. Our SEO consultants will analyse the infrastructure and content in your site, while providing optimization assistance for your site to remain relevant with the search engines. We may also target new search phrases, if necessary, while optimizing your current content to increase your site’s visibility.

Content Development

Content is king, because content is what keeps people coming back to your site. While content plays an important role in your search engine visibility and organic traffic, publishing relevant content is even more crucial in helping you retain visitors and gain conversions. Let us help you develop and create a cohesive content strategy based on the needs of your customers and your business goals. Not only will this increase your brand image, it will also continue to build your SEO ranking and gain more potential conversions.

Site Promotion

Having a website is no longer enough in this day and age. Marketing your site well through social media, search platforms and influencer engagement is a great way to build your search engine ranking. As part of a complete SEO growth strategy, OpenMinds™ will look into your social media marketing efforts to determine the best platforms for your brand to leverage upon.

Depending on the nature of your business, we can even explore engaging relevant influencers and bloggers in your industry to promote your content with their followers. Delivering the right content to the right target audience is a great way to boost your search engine ranking.