who we are

OpenMinds™ consists of a young & dynamic team of strategists.

We specialise in social media marketing and analytics as well as tech development. Since 2013, the OpenMinds Group has helped brands from diverse industries across Hong Kong, South East Asia, Europe and Malaysia.

social media

We live and breathe social media. We love to keep up with the latest trends, try out the latest social media tools and experiment with different marketing techniques. Best of all, we love to share them with all our friends (that includes you!).


Call us curious, call us geeks. We’re the ones who make your ideas come to life! When we aren’t too busy writing code, you’ll find us brainstorming for our next random tech project.


Stories move people, and that’s what we want to achieve. Whether it’s design or copywriting, our goal is to create impactful content. We take inspiration very seriously (aka coffee trips are mandatory).


We love startups. Maybe it’s because we are a startup at heart. We love to network with other startups and share our experiences to help them grow, especially on social media. Say hi if you see us at a conference, a workshop or the coffee shop down the road!

OpenMinds is ever growing, ever learning and ever sharing.
We enjoy sharing our stories, experiences and what we know. All you need to do is ask!

If you have an avenue for us to share be it at an event or on a publication, let’s be in touch!