What are DApps? 

What are DApps? 

There’s no way you have no idea what an app is since we’re using different apps every single day, if not every minute, but do you know what DApp is? DApp stands for Decentralised Application. As the name implies, a DApp operates on a blockchain network as opposed to a single computer, and thus it can refrain from being controlled by a single authority.


Below is a list of common terms that are relevant to the DApp and general crypto space. Remember to bookmark this page and come back to check their meanings when needed!

BTC: BitCoin. Even if you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, you must’ve heard of BitCoin somewhere! Bitcoin is considered the “original” crypto asset, paving the space for other tokens and projects to shine.

Stablecoin: A digital currency pegged to a reserve asset, such as USD, EUR, gold, etc.

ETH: Ethereum, the most well-known open-source blockchain, is the second most popular cryptocurrency as of writing after Bitcoin. 

Public blockchain: It is a completely decentralised network allowing anyone with internet access to join and send transactions

Token: A unit of value given by an organisation, which is often referred to as any cryptocurrency.

Wallet: It is a medium by which people can store their public and private keys for cryptocurrency transactions

Public key: A large numerical value that is used to encrypt data. It can be generated by software or given by credible authorities

Private key: A secret string of letters or numbers used in cryptography, similar to a password

Defi: Decentralised Finance, providing peer-to-peer services on public blockchains without the need for middlemen

GameFi: Game Finance, also known as ‘play-to-earn’, provides a virtual environment for people to earn money during gaming


What a list! Anyways, if you are on the hunt for digital marketing services for your blockchain or cryptocurrency business, just smash the “contact us” button! We will help you bring your project to the next level.