7 Trending Instagram Reels Ideas to Thrive Your Business

7 Trending Instagram Reels Ideas to Thrive Your Business

I bet you’ve seen lots of Reels on Instagram these days – are you planning on creating your own Reels? Sure, why not? Many brands and users have started adopting this new feature in their content, and you might be one as well. But…are you doing it in the best way? In Reels, it could be challenging to stand out from the crowd and draw the target audience’s attention to your content, not to mention convert them into leads. Without intriguing ideas, all your hard work will probably go to waste. No worries, we’ve got your back. Below are 7 great ideas to help you leverage this TikTok-like feature to thrive your business!


  1. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to record the process of you or your customers unboxing products with constructive feedback. Potential customers get to learn about your business and products in an interactive setting via your unboxing videos. People’s buying behaviours have changed a lot lately – many people now tend to look for product information and reviews before the purchase. If your unboxing videos can give off friendly vibes to your target audiences, it’s likely that you’d win their hearts.


  1. Previews

Curiosity and FOMO (fear of missing out) are the most critical driving forces behind customers’ purchases. If you have a new product rolling out soon, you may consider creating a few sets of preview videos or trailers to ignite the audience’s curiosity about your product. The idea of FOMO leads them to pay attention to the launching product and visit your social media platforms and websites for more information, thus bringing more engagements and business opportunities.


  1. Holiday celebrations 

Besides traditional festivals, do you know that there are some new and interesting holidays on the other side of the planet as well? World Smile Day and Earth Day are some good ones to begin with! Based on your brand image and positioning, you can consider drawing on some appropriate holidays to create your Reels! Visit this link for more social media holiday inspirations.


  1. Introduction

Reels do not have to be perfect – just sharing your business and products in front of the camera can sometimes be good enough! Especially when it’s the first time you create a Reel, introductory videos can be quite effective. Not only can they help you explore the built-in features inside Reels, but also allow your audience to know your brand better behind the scenes.


  1. Product demo videos

Before making a purchase, some people would do a thorough price and quality comparison between brands. To make your products stand out, it’s crucial for you to create product demo videos on Reels. By showcasing the aspects and benefits of your products, such as usage and attributes, your audiences will be more likely to add them to their shopping carts!


  1. A day in the life of someone/something

Being down-to-earth has got to be the best strategy for capturing new leads in this day and age. Simply filming time-lapse videos of you or your team working can instantly build a rapport between the brand and its audience. We suggest you try out “a day in the life of someone/something” to let your audience know your work transparently.


  1. Q&A

In the past, most of you might only use Instagram Stories or YouTube videos for Q&As, but as technology advances, you can do it with Reels differently now. By placing all the answers to a question on one screen, this new feature can help you effectively answer questions from your audiences and customers efficiently which benefits both the brand and the customers.


Great, have you jotted all the points down? These 7 useful ideas for Instagram Reels are just the beginning, don’t forget that video quality is the key to helping your Reels go viral. If you encounter any obstacles in creating vertical videos like Reels and TikTok, feel free to connect with us and consult our team!