What marketing trends should you keep in mind in 2022?

What marketing trends should you keep in mind in 2022?

Under the new normal in the business world in the past few years, numerous people started aiming to build a strong online presence for their traditional businesses and doubling down on digital advertising. Fast forward to 2022, are there any new digital marketing trends worth our attention?


  1. Try using nano-influencers

Compared to online image ads, video and GIF ads can help your business get more exposure. With that in mind, some companies spend a great deal to collaborate with mid-tier- or macro-influencers for video marketing in the hope of gaining more revenue in return, but is that the case? Although it seems that well-known influencers always possess a huge number of followers, the number could be fake. Instead of lashing out your budget on low-return investment, you should consider working with nano-influencers to promote your brand. They do not have as many followers as influencers of upper tiers, but their positioning and self-branding are clearer and therefore their influence on their target audience is more direct. As long as they can make the most of social media tagging, it’s not difficult for them to build a loyal fan base or community with the same interests. One of the criteria countless consumers apply when they’re making a purchase decision is content created and opinions shared by influencers. Not only do they perceive the content to be more credible, but also believe that the content can reflect the influencers’ genuine opinions on products and services. If you want to surpass your competitors this year, please pay more attention to nano-influencers!


  1. Hold more online events and webinars

When the pandemic is still here, it’s almost impossible for us to hold events and talks on the ground. During this tough time, you’ve probably been thinking about how you can keep interacting with existing and prospective clients with a small amount of budget. Here’s the answer: hold more digital events and webinars. The advantages of bringing your events online are that you can curtail the expenditure on renting venues and hiring temporary staff and amass an abundance of useful information and data. For instance, you can analyse participants’ responses during an interactive online event. After that, by collecting participants’ contact details and storing them in a prospect list, you can gradually gain more leads over time. To unlock more prospects and close more deals in 2022, you should try holding more digital events!


  1. Don’t give up on EDM

In business, there’s nothing more imperative than maintaining customer loyalty. That’s why EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) comes in. By taking advantage of EDM, you can automate the process of sending product launch emails and gather a variety of data that helps thrive your business, etc. Imagine if you have a piece of software offering you details like who clicked open your emails, when and where they read them, it’s undoubtedly that your business will benefit from those data for further customer analysis and retargeting. Trust me, EDM is still extremely helpful in this day and age if you want to gain more exposure for your business!


If you’re encountering any marketing-related problems, please don’t hesitate to hit us up! We can help you bring your business to the next level by pinpointing the existing drawbacks!