Are Facebook Page Like Ads Right For You and Your Business?

Are Facebook Page Like Ads Right For You and Your Business?

Hello everyone! We have noticed that, as a result of the pandemic, businesses are turning to social media marketing as a low-cost, scalable way to continue marketing as they continue to cut costs and work from home. We at OpenMinds HK think that it’s important to be a guide for those trying to navigate the digital marketing landscape in these trying times, so we are releasing a series of videos to do just that!

The first video in our series talks about the value of Facebook Page Like Ads and whether or not buying them is right for your business. Here’s a breakdown of what we went through in our video.

Facebook Likes are NOT the same as Business Leads

A common misconception we find traditional businesses make is that they conflate Facebook Page Likes as being identical to business leads; they think that a high number of Page Likes = high number of potential customers. So, they buy Facebook Page Likes in the hopes of getting more business.

Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true. Unlike interested leads in real life, not very many people who have Liked your page will ever meaningfully engage with your content (the average page only has 1% of its followers engage with its posts).

Businesses need to assess their goals to see if they align with buying Page Like Ads

What businesses should also consider before they even buy Facebook Ads at all, let alone Facebook Page Like Ads, are the business goals they hope to achieve with their advertising and whether or not the Facebook campaign objective they chose best fits that goal.

Let’s say you’re trying to sell a product on Facebook, and you have a budget of about 10,000 HKD to use on Facebook Ads. You’re trying to decide between paying for a Page Likes Ad or a Reach Ad. If you were to go all-in on either one of those two objectives, you can expect the following results:


      1. Roughly 1000-2000 Page Likes


      2. Roughly 100,000 – 200,000 Post Reach


When we consider that people who like your page may not ever engage with your content down the road, you might want to consider designing an Ad that promotes your product and putting it out there on as many people’s screens as possible. In general, it’s good practice to always think about whether or not the Facebook campaign objective you’re considering is the best fit for YOUR product and YOUR business. Perhaps the best fit isn’t even advertising on Facebook at all, but on some other platform instead!

That’s it for this episode. As we are crafting our series, we are open to feedback and suggestions for what topics we should be touching on next – the goal is to make our content the best possible guide for people in these times. Let us know what you think in the comments below!